Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MOJO WALKS © – a unique style of Coaching for Executives, Senior Leaders and Individuals

Excellent for Executive Leaders, Managers and Individuals. Mojo walks offer the opportunity to take time out of everyday working life and relate your concerns and issues directly to a trained Executive Coach and Mentor.
In this unique approach, you can talk confidentially whilst you enjoy the relaxation and neutrality of a beautiful countryside location that will help you to relax, unwind, think and relate personally to your own dedicated coach.
The aim of this informal style of coaching is to help you to understand yourself, your goals and your ambitions and to help you“offload” your thoughts, worries and concerns to a professional, fully trained coach.  You will be amazed at how effective this relaxing style of coaching can be in enabling you to break down barriers to success and allow you to fulfil your ambitions both from a personal and business point of view.
These sessions are described as “the most powerful time out session anybody could take” and results so far have been exceptional.   Each session is individually designed for an Executive or Individual to Renew, Reflect and Refocus… …and they are ideal for anyone, particularly Senior Leaders and Executives, who wants to “up their game”, get a life balance and get back in touch with their drive and enthusiasm.
We can also tailor the sessions specifically to suit coaching for small groups and Management and Leadership Teams.
Rediscover your MOJO today – contact us now to experience this uplifting and exhilarating style of coaching for yourself.
To enquire about this service, email David Westley or Alan Jones or call 01675 430499 in confidence – or, if you prefer, call Alan Jones on 07734 556803.
See our website to find out what other services we can offer. 

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